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Questions And Answers About Shutters & Blinds

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Our customers at Blinds South, Inc. ask us plenty of questions along the way when we’re helping them to find the right window treatments for their homes and commercial properties. Here are a few of the questions that our Miami Shutter Company has answered…

Q: What benefits are there of real wood shutters?

A: Real Wood Shutters provides a wider range of stains and colors that can be changed later. The only way to change composite or synthetic material colors is by painting over them. Real wood offers natural methods of filtering out light in your home as well. Renewable hardwoods like bamboo or woven reed grasses give you plenty of “green options”.

Q: What are the benefits of Polycore shutters?

A: Polycore Shutters have a baked “in” finish that won’t fade. Plus, the material is often guaranteed to not chip or crack, and is moisture resistant which also makes it mildew and mold resistant. You never have to refinish this material.

Q: Are the hinges and hardware important?

A: Yes, there are several different types of hinges including differing colors, sizes, and styles. Hidden hinges are also available from several manufacturers, and Post Hinges come from Italy but these are weak and we recommend staying away from those even though they look great.

Q: What are your warranties like?

A: Warranty information can be confusing, so be sure to get it in writing. Always check the manufacturer’s warranty and how long they’ve been in business. You can even do a background check on the owner to ensure they’re doing business legally. Some claim to be good manufacturers but are at best custom carpenters who provide shoddy materials and poor craftsmanship. Go with well known names for the best bet.

Q: Is it okay to leave my windows open at night, will it hurt my window coverings?

A: Your window coverings should be kept sealed well if they’re made of natural materials. With the right seal, the real wood will be resistant to moisture. Faux or composite materials will be made to not be affected by moisture, so these are perfect for any type of climate or weather conditions.

Q: Does who installs my shutters or blinds make any difference?

A: Of course, your installation has to be done right or your window treatments aren’t going to look right, plus you could have problems with poor installations if you have pets or children. Dangers exist but most of all your window treatments need to look great, and with our expertise here at Blinds South, Inc., you’ll get the best quality products and installation team around.

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