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Shutters Vs Blinds – Which is Better for Your Hollywood Home?

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Being a homeowner is an exciting privilege; it also means making a lot of choices. While some choices may be more pressing than whether to have blinds or shutters for your Hollywood home, it is still something you will have to think about. Because when the time arises that you have to make a decision, you need to be informed in order to make the smart choice for your home.

Which is Right for You?

As you might already expect, there are pros and cons to either blinds or shutters and some of it simply comes down to personal preference. There are a variety of looks and styles any more so it can be easy to make either one fit into the look you want to create. Other than that, here are a few other things to think about:

One thing to keep in mind is that shutters can actually add value to your home. Although more costly when it comes to the initial investment, you get solid quality which means you are less likely to need to replace them any time soon.
Many people prefer blinds because they take up less space. Just make sure to opt for quality blinds so you can feel good about the choice that you make.
Both offer a slightly obstructed view; the more slats involved the more obstructed the view may be. Blinds can often be “rolled up” to offer an unobstructed view but the top part of the window may still be blocked. Shutters can often be opened to the side for the most open view possible.
Plantation shutters are often referred to as the “ultimate” in Hollywood window coverings. However, this is still something that you should decide upon yourself instead of just taking someone else’s word or opinion too much to heart.

In either case, you should begin by working with a reputable professional to understand your options and make the best choice possible for your individual style and budget. So now all you need to know is who to call on to get the job taken care of.

The Name to Trust

By teaming up with our Hollywood shutter company, Blinds South Inc. you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality workmanship and customer care possible. Since 2001 we have been the name locals rely on for all of their window covering needs; from blinds and shutters to drapes, commercial window coverings and more. Give us a call today and let us help you improve the look of your home or business with Hollywood shutters, blinds or whatever else you want to consider.

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