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Miami Wood BlindsAre you looking for gorgeous wooden blinds that are classic and beautiful, durable and affordable, and perfect for the style of your home or office space? If so, you’ll want our wooden blinds here at Blinds South, Inc. You can have custom, premium hardwood shutters constructed of the best hardwoods that feature centuries-old craftsmanship traditions in dovetail joinery and finished in your choice of gorgeous finishes. For high quality at the best prices, trust our Miami Shutter Company for the best in wood blind installation.

Blinds are different from shutters in that they are affixed to the top of the window frame, opening and closing up and down (not to the side), while shutters are the opposite and operate from the sides of the window frames.

Miami Wood Blinds come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, finishes, and wood options. From bamboo to woven grasses to real hardwoods like oak and walnut, blinds not only exude tradition but can also be eclectic and modern depending on the style and finishes you choose. At Blinds South, Inc., you’ll have the widest selection of stains, paint colors, slat sizes, and more so you can find just the right design for your home or office.

Horizontal Wood Blinds

Horizontal wood blinds come in all sorts of style and color options. They’re the traditional style of blind you see in most homes when you see “wood blinds”. Plantation style horizontal blinds have wider louvers, giving the space a more subtle casual and comfortable appeal, while a thinner louver can add more drama to a more modern design style.

Roller Blinds

The best option for lighting control, the roller blinds gives you the ability to control light infiltration into the room. Whether you’re looking for high end bamboo roller blinds or quality woven roller blinds, you’ll find them at Blinds South, Inc. Roller blinds are the traditional way to manufacture window treatments, using a central roller that operates to open and close the blinds.

The blind fabric is attached to the roller, with the whole blind fitted with a cord that lifts and lowers the blind. They can be made of many materials including paper and vinyl, and they come in differing varieties of fold, accordion, or opening styles. They take up the least space and are great for light filtration where you want some sunlight to enter the room without the room being glaringly over heated.

Vertical Wood Blinds

Vertical blinds hang from the top of the window or sliding glass door frame in wide strips of thick, stiff material that is flexible but only just so. The strips all meet together to form a type of draping system and can be turned opened or closed for privacy. While the vertical blind isn’t necessarily, “in” fashion, many people still love and use them in their homes, and they can be found widely commercially.

Venetian Blinds

A Venetian blind is a window blind that is the most commonly installed in homes in the U.S. And is more commonly known as the mini-blind. It simply refers to the style of blind that has horizontal slats which can be pivoted to control the louvers through the use of a string or cord. This allows the owner to set the amount of light that passes through the louvers.

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