Why wait 6 to 8 weeks for shutters from china when you can get shutters that are handcrafted in North America and installed in as little as 2 weeks!

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Quality Woven Wood Shades in Miami

Woven Wood Shades MiamiMiami Woven Wood Shades are made from organic materials like grasses, reeds, bamboo, wood planks, and more. Woven together in various ways, the woven wood shade gives you the natural elements you’re looking for. As great natural insulators, these shades filter light perfectly without blocking it all out. For the best in “green home” choices, go with the natural woven wood shade from Blinds South, Inc.

Our Miami Shutter Company not only offers you free consultations that help you to plan out your project, but also offer you the best in installations in the area. No matter the choice of material type or colors, you’ll always get the best from our company. And we have many options for custom window treatments as well, including top rated woven wood shades, motorization options, size and shape options, and high end materials.

Bamboo Shades

Adding texture to your design elements with our quality bamboo shades tops off the design, making it complete and beautiful. Paired with some beautifully white drapes or curtains, the bamboo shade is a favorite among many homeowners. But don’t stop there because we’d love to show you what a little window treatment motorization can do for you. No more messing with cords that are unsightly and get caught up in things, just simply lift, pull, or push a button and you’re shades open and lift with little effort.

Bamboo Flat Shades

Instead of bamboo reeds, more mature bamboo is cut into flat slats and are woven together or louvered. This natural hardwood material turns from a casual style to elegant when slatted. Giving you an entirely different look than the regular woven wood shade made of bamboo or grasses, the flat slat bamboo shade brings in a different look that’s very unique and sophisticated. You’ll have friends, guests, and clients asking you what they’re made of! These are magnificent for bringing in the warmth and feel of natural materials and the durability of a hardwood.

Woven Grass Shades

Of the most renewable, the woven grass shades use all natural materials made from grasses or reeds. Since the material naturally grows fast, it’s the best green option out there. Naturally resistant to heat, the woven grass shades also comes in several styles and materials choices. The woven grass shade lets in the perfect amount of natural lighting for your home or office, plus they’re great for adding privacy to any space.

Matchstick Shades

A very rustic feel, matchstick shades are made of bamboo that’s harvested early, with a small 2mm wide diameter. The matchstick shade is held together with string woven in and out of the bamboo reeds. Bamboo is extremely fast growing, so it always makes a great option for renewable materials in your home or office space. With the smaller matchstick horizontal shades, you get a finer looking texture that brings in the casual feel to your windows. Matched with the right curtain, these quality shades are beautiful.

Adding on a liner to the shades of any type is an option for you, and they can be thick or thin as you prefer and depending on how much sunlight you need to deal with. Direct sunlit areas may need more light blockage where other areas may not. Liners help with UV blockage and energy use and are one of the options available to you when choosing the right shades for your space.

Our Miami Woven Wood Shades Provides These Detailed Services

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  • Custom Wood Shades
  • Cordless Wood Shades
  • Woven Wood Shades Installation
  • Roman Wood Shades
  • Real Woven Wood Shades
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  • Matchstick Wood Shades
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  • Woven Wood Shades in Miami


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