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Plantation Shutters Options For Your Miami Area Windows

miami plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters from Blinds South, Inc., offer you beautiful options for your home’s window dressings. The plantation shutter has wider slats than the other styles that really help to feature the look of wood shutters.

With all the options available in Plantation Shutters, you’ll have choices that will fit your home well. There are materials and styles for both your interior and exterior that will go well with your home’s existing architectural and design style.

The wonderful thing our customers love about Plantation Shutters is how flexible they are to suit different design styles. With the differences in colors, the design style you prefer can be enhanced with the right Plantation Shutters. They look great with a deeply dark finish in modern design style. Walnut or dark bamboo options would look gorgeous in a modern design.

Whether you’re going after a classic look with your Plantation Shutters or a modern new design, our Plantation Shutters can suit your interests.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters

Many customers prefer real wood Plantation Shutters over all other. Real wood gives you the classic texture and look of beautiful hardwoods that come in wood types such as Western Red Cedar, light Teak Wood, Bamboo, Oak, Maple, and Basswood.

Polycore Plantation Shutters

Our Polycore Plantation Shutters offer you a solid synthetic structure with an aluminum core for added durability and strength. These shutters have a baked on paint and offer you excellent fire and moisture resistance. The are guaranteed to not warp, crack, split, or need painting.

Polyclad Plantation Shutters

Polyclad Plantation Shutters are award winning shutters manufactured with a strong wooden center that’s clad with a poly surface to give you more energy efficiency, are low maintenance, fire retardant, eco friendly, and have a lifetime warranty. The Polyclad shutters have the construction and look of real wood shutters but are much more durable.

Exterior Plantation Shutters

Exterior Plantation Shutters can be fixed or attached with hinges to open and close for the exterior of your home. They look beautiful and add to the architectural features of your home. They’re beautiful features next to any type of siding. And with options in beautiful, subtle colors or paintable styles, you’ll be able to match them to any color pallet on your home’s exterior.

Plantation Shutters Motorization & Automation Options

Smart home features include ways for you to monitor, automate, and operate your Plantation Shutters remotely with a home remote control unit or your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

What’s marvelous about the motorization options available for your Plantation Shutters, is that they can also be integrated into your other smart home systems at any time, now or later if you don’t have any other smart home system in place yet. They can be included in your climate control system, your lighting, and your sprinklers or irrigation system.

Our experienced Plantation Shutter installation team can set up your motorization or automation equipment at the time of install, so let us know if you want this easy way to control your Plantation Shutters from anywhere at any time!

If you are looking for the best options in Plantation Shutters, please call 305-259-6574 or complete our online request form.

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